Farm Tour 2017

Luke Bryan (Thomas Luther), started his music and songwriting career in the mid-2000s, has had a celebrated career as a country music singer. He began his annual Farm Tour show in 2009, indicating it is something he had envisioned for long, and he indicated in 2009, he said it will a special annual event throughout his music career.

The concept of Farm Tour by Luke Bryan is to give back to organization or charity in the local farming communities. He being from the farming communities, born in a peasant farming family, motivated the annual tour.

The inaugural 2009 debut Farm Tour was held in Claxton, Ga; the concert drew 3500 fans. The proceeds from the 2009 tour went to support students at Georgia Southern University. The 2009 Farm tour was a kick off for “Doing My Things” album by Bryan. The tour has a successful endeavor by Luke Bryan with 2013 Farm Tour, drawing 110,000 fans. The Farm tour concerts are organized in 8 performances usually around October each year, with a portion of the tickets proceeds directed to support the American farmers. The concert has grown to the extent tickets run out months before the concerts.

The 2016 edition of the Luke Bryan Farm Tour, which will cover 8 cities, will be the 7th year in a row for the hitmaker.

2017 Tour Dates of The Luke Bryan Farm Tour

Luke Bryan will revisit his farming roots again this year. Luke, a son of a peanut farm from Georgia, has this year taken the annuals concerts rural. This will be the 7th Luke Bryan annual Farm Tour. The 2015 tour kicks off from September 30th to 10th October, which will see Bryan and the band perform eight concerts. The 2015 annual tour has included four new cities, Ft. Wayne, Tuscaloosa, Alaska., Starkville, Mississippi and Lexington, Ky. The 4 concerts in these cities during Bryan itinerary will his debut performances. Bryan has never performed in these cities these four cities since the annual Farm Tour concerts started 2009.

In this year’s concerts as he has done, a portion of the concerts tickets proceeds will go to the Bryan Farm Tour Scholarship, which will benefit local colleges in Bryan back yard. The scholarship benefits students from farming families who hail from the cities Bryan tour.

Interestingly before the Bryan kicks the annual tour, he will be releasing his fifth studio album, and will already in the stores. “The Kill Lights” is set to hit the stores on 7th August 2015.

Bayer is the gold sponsor for this 7th annual tour, alongside Red Gold, Miller Lite, Cabela’s, Citi, and Alliance Tire Group. For all the concerts, parking will start at 2 P.M while show gates will open at 5 pm, this is according to the organizer. The fans are also being requested and encouraged to get to the Red Gold Tailgate Party early. His official website has also indicated each show will start at exactly 7 PM with emphasis that 3 concerts are in his home state.